Saturday, September 7, 2013

My Labor day Weekend!

Last  week S.H.A.O. went on a get away to the beach! Chrissa took some wonderful photo's 
I Love the sunset, I think that I will have to paint one when I get home!!:D 

Here are all of us together! 

And Chrissa and Elizabeth, and Julie and I! 


Than we went to the hotel and jumped into the pool the first thing in the morning (well Elizabeth and I where the only ones awake!) 

I LOVE the pool, in fact this is the first time I have ever, gone to the beach or go swimming! But I loved every moment! 

"The pool was so refreshing!" I said short'a out of breath form swimming hard and fast. 

"I know I like, go swimming everyday pretty much!" Said Chrissa (she is so sporty!:) 


"Swimming is fun, but I like to tan by the pool more."explained Julie 
"What's a tan?" I asked 
"It is were you lay by the pool in hopes that your skin is a shade darker when you are done." she answered 
That sounded fun, so I thought I would try it. 

"This was a great weekend" Said Julie 
"Thank you for coming." replied Chrissa 
"This....was...awesome..." I said trying to get a tan 

See Chrissa's Side of the story 
See Julie's Side of the story 

Note:I have permission to have the Saltys photos on this post all photo C/O Chrissa and Elizabeth 

Monday, September 2, 2013

I am in S.A.H.O.!


Hello Everydollie!!! Today was a very exciting day!!! I was excepted into S.H.A.O.! (S.H.A.O. is a club, St. Augustine Hang Out, and Hang out is one word but S.H.A.O. sounded better!)


" Saige can you leave for a minuet." Elizabeth said politely. 
"Uh.. sure." I said uneasily 

Elizabeth was like our leader so she suggested, 
"All right so lets take a vote! Every-doll in favor of Saige joining S.A.H.O. say, 'aye'." 

"Aye!" Chrissa said 

"Aye!" Julie said 

"Aye! So it's settled Saige is now an official member of S.A.H.O.!" 

"Yeah!" Chrissa and I said in unison 
 " Saige!" Elizabeth called 
"The vote was unanimous, your in!" 
"Yes! My first club ever!" 
"Ok," Julie said, "time for the official club leis!"  


"Club leis, We never had club leis, Julie do you know anything about this?" questioned Elizabeth.

"Ummm..... The person who provided the leis was anonymous....."  
(Julie was just trying to get rid of them but shhhhh, don't tell!) 

"Alright lets get with the program!" exclaimed Chrissa, passing out all the leis."Should we ware them like this?" 


"Here you are Saige!" said Elizabeth putting on her lei
Julie clapped.  "Let's all say the official S.A.H.O. oath."
Leaning towered Julie, Chrissa whispered "Julie, we don't have an oath."  Quickly glanceing at Saige, then turning back to her, she replied, "We'll just make one up."
"Repeat after me: we promise that we will protect S.A.H.O.'s members," Julie said, trying to look official.
"I promise that I will protect S.A.H.O.'s members," we all chanted.
"Help to clean up the club house,"
"Help clean up the club house,"
"And keep the club member's secrets."
"And keep the club member's secrets." we all finished.

We where one big happy club! 
Note:I have permission to have the Saltys photos on this post all photo C/O Chrissa and Elizabeth 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Welcome to My blog!


Welcome everyone to my new blog! I can not wait to post all my favorite things that inhabit New Mexico(where I live!)! So Enjoy!